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Natural breast augmentation by lipofilling

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breast surgery

What is breast lipofilling?

Lipomodelling breast augmentation is a method for slightly increasing breast volume using one's own fatty tissue.

Unlike breast implants, this technique does not introduce any foreign material into the body. The fat is extracted from certain areas where it is abundant in the patient, such as the hips, abdomen or thighs, via liposuction. Once this fat has been treated and purified, it is reinjected into the chest to increase its volume.

However, the increase obtained is generally modest, as a fraction of the transferred fat can be eliminated by the body (around 30/30 on average). To achieve the desired volume, a second procedure may be required.

breast surgery

Principle of intervention

The main advantage of lipofilling is that it uses the patient's own tissue, making the breasts as natural as possible.

Breast augmentation by lipofilling takes advantage of your fat to increase the volume of your breast in a harmonious way, offering a natural result. It also makes it possible to correct any asymmetry.

Once the transplant is performed, the result is long-lasting, and the volume of the breast evolves according to changes in your own fat mass.

This technique makes it possible to increase breast volume almost without leaving visible scars.

The main disadvantage is that the volume increase obtained is generally less significant than with implants. Also the round shape of the prosthesis is not found here.

breast surgery

Natural breast augmentation by lipofilling

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Modalities of the intervention

Type of anesthesia
Duration of the intervention
Surgical suites

Natural breast augmentation by lipofilling

The price varies from 5500€ and 7000€ depending on demand.

The final result of breast lipofilling usually occurs between 3 and 6 months. Although the result is solid and long-lasting, it is essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle and maintain a constant weight.

More and more women are opting for this intervention, and those who have experienced it are generally very happy with the results. An additional advantage of lipofilling is that it promotes a slimmer figure thanks to the associated liposuction procedure.

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Doctor Maxence Thomas performed breast reduction surgery on me in May. I am delighted with the result. Doctor Thomas is very available and very friendly. I felt confident right away and would highly recommend it.

Catherine S.

I had a blepharoplasty and a neck and neck lift. I am delighted with the result, I highly recommend Dr. Thomas, who has a very serious follow-up and is always available.

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I am satisfied with the work of Dr. Thomas. A friendly doctor and good advice, very reassuring, the result is above my expectations.

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I went to see Dr. Thomas for gynecomastia. He was really kind and very clear in his explanations. 3 months after the operation, and after the follow-up appointment, I am really very satisfied with the result

Simon E.

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