Silhouette surgery


Silhouette surgery

What is liposuction?

La liposuction or liposuction makes it possible to eliminate localized fat overloads.

It is generally carried out in order to:

Reduce horse panties

Losing belly and/or hips

Refine legs, knees, thighs, ankles, arms

silhouette surgery

Principle of intervention

The surgeon makes small incisions of a few millimeters to allow the passage of a Cannula of suction in the hypodermis. Depending on the area to be treated, it is necessary to make 1 to 5 incisions to aspirate the deep fat evenly.

The quantity of fat sucked should not exceed 5% of body weight.

Recent progress, in particular in the field of superficial liposuction, thanks to the use of very fine cannulas means that the skin overlying the treated area no longer has to suffer from liposuction: on the contrary, the appearance of the skin can be improved by the cutaneous retraction generated by a properly performed superficial liposuction.

Silhouette surgery


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Modalities of the intervention

Type of anesthesia
Duration of the intervention
Surgical suites


Starting at: 3950€

As soon as the edema has resorbed and the bruises have subsided, the result is visible. But you have to wait 6 months to appreciate the final result of liposuction.

The result obtained is sustainable. The deep fat removed results in a Refinement meaningful treated areas. However, the weight must be stable to maintain the benefit of the intervention.

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